World Cup – Excitement builds before kickoff

The day has finally come. I can’t contain my excitement. The World Cup is one of the great treasures along with the Olympics which gets thrown up every four years. It’s a heck of a debate which event is more fun. Tomorrow morning I will be sitting in some Mexican bar in the New York area eating nachos at 10am and drinking a Corona….the World Cup gives you permission to have a nachos beer breakfast. My goal is to seek out the best venues in New York to watch this glorius event.

Four years ago I was in Germany celebrating the World Cup with my fellow Australian soccer fans. We all drank German beer and faked our way through football chants. On the day of the Brazil Australia match we stood back and saluted the Brazilian fans for the quality of chants, songs and partying before a game. As we grew more confident with each stein of beer skulled we began to mix with our new Brazillian friends. Just before kickoff green and gold was mixed in with Brazil’s green and yellow. Only before a World Cup match would you see Aussies riding plastic blowup kangaroos as they attempt to samba with beautiful barely clothed Brazilian ladies. Wish I took a photo of that but it’s pretty hard when you have both hands on a blow up kangaroo.

This World Cup I am starting my global campaign in New York City. I will attempt to go deep into the fan’s pubs, drink beer and leave happy that I cheered for Mexico, Paraguay or Slovenia. I won’t be supporting the Serbs or the Germans as they are in our group.

I know I am going to have some hiccups along the way to watch every game in a pub. The Mrs and looking after my ten month son will keep me honest but I will be doing my best to keep the spirit of the World Cup flowing on the streets of this baseball-loving city of New York.

Tomorrow I seek a Mexican pub to kickoff the next four weeks……

Check out these Dutch T-shirts. I flogged this off Drew Carey’s twitter page. The bottom player looks like Rooney from England. Who are the other dudes? Cool T Shirts though.