World Cup Blog Post – USA fans go crazy

What a World Cup this is. Germany getting beaten, Spain getting beaten and then an amazing match with USA v Slovenia. I wanted to get into the middle of hard core USA fans. I made my way to Jack Dempsey’s on 33rd St between 5th and 6th ave. I got there a bit late so if you are going to the next USA match get there early. I managed to find a top spot upstairs in the corner by the bar. The beers were flowing and the US fans started the soccer songs. This was the future of American soccer and they were proud and fierce for the match.

I was saddled up next to a fella named Thomas. He was in his 40’s and had forearms bigger than Popeye’s. He was originally from Glasgow, Scotland and his first words to me were “Are you from f**king English?”. All I could think about was how lucky I was that my wife wasn’t with me. When he realized I was from Australia he told me how he has a few brothers living in Sydney. It seemed like Thomas had been in the US for a long time as he sang the star spangled banner with pride and when the match started he was the most vocal USA fan in the pub.

The pub was packed downstairs and upstairs and is a great venue to watch the World Cup. The drinks flowed and passion was unbeatable. There was massive emotion in this game where the USA came back from 2 nil down. Arguably they should of won the match.

In the video you will see Thomas, the Scotsman who is now American. He gets a bit angry! Please excuse Tommy’s f- bombs… is the World Cup!