World Cup Blog Post – Found the Mexicans….just

It was damn hard last night to find a Mexican joint to show the opening match of the World Cup – Mexico v Sth Africa; the goal was to find a Mexican restaurant full of Mexicans. I rang the El Coyote restaurant in Queens which said they were going to open late in the day to show the French v Uruguay game. Not much Mexican patriotism from a Mexican restaurant. I got caught in a rain shower on the streets of New York last night with a Nicaraguan and he told me to get myself to East Harlem and around 116th st to watch the match.

I made my way to East Harlem and found a Mexican restaurant called the El Paso. It was empty but they had some waitresses walking around in Mexican jersey’s and some Mexico T-Shirts. I later found out the girls in the T-Shirts were from the Dominican Republic but had been to Cancun once and claimed that made them Mexican. If that was the case I was more Mexican than them as I had been there three times.

The El Paso restaurant had about ten people on their patio out back to watch the games. They had all the flags of the World Cup teams on the wall which looked quite pretty until I realized they didn’t have an Australian flag. Somehow they had managed to purchase a New Zealand flag. Where the hell did they find that?

Out on the patio they had their HD TV going but somehow Telemundo doesn’t come in too well on the old HD so it was a bit fuzzy but bearable. There was only one Mexican watching the game with us. He managed to seduce the waitress into letting us all drink beer at Half time. The Mondelo’s started coming out. A delicious beer that I proceeded to smash for the second half which was tense as Mexico had played good but Sth Africa was on top with an exciting goal. All us non-Mexican’s on the bandwagon were depressed when the Sth Africans scored. Mexico finally managed to score but a somber atmosphere after the match.

A good start to the World Cup and a venue that will deliver as the event rolls on. More Mexicans next time and at least some old guy wearing sombrero would be nice. Will be back there for the next game! El Paso on 116th st btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave.

My excitement of watching the match alone…..WATCH….

I love my Mexican beans……great food.