World Cup Blog Post – Australian Bar was rocking

Waking up today was a heck of a lot different than waking up yesterday. As an Aussie sports supporter you are engrained with eternal optimism. After our drubbing by the Germans yesterday a mate of mine, Bazza from Geelong, texted me on how the Socceroos are going to make it to the next stage of the World Cup. His text read, the Socceroos have to A: play better B: get the ball in the net C: stop the other team getting the ball in the net. He’s a sharp guy my mate Bazza.

Although we weren’t meant to win yesterday against the Germans it wasn’t going to stop us from having hope and of course drinking a load of beers. The day before the Americans scored a goal against the English when they weren’t meant to. The phrase “scored a goal” is a little dubious. They may as well handed the ball to the English goalkeeper and asked him to walk it over the line.

Sunday morning, before the big match, I stayed at home attempting to be a good husband and father. My son and I watched football all morning. I turned the volume of the TV up in the hope the controversial vuvuzela’s would somehow put the kid to sleep. That didn’t work, just made him more hyperactive. While looking after the kid I was trying to gauge if the Mrs actually knew I was heading to the pub for a massive soccer match between my homeland and the Krauts.

It got to Noon when I handed the baby to my lovely wife and said that I have to head to pub to watch the football. She asked “What game”
“Australia v Germany”
She quickly says “That’s at 2.30”
I knew then that I was in a bit of strife of getting out of the house early. I attempted to clean around the house for half an hour. This didn’t soften the wrath as I walked out at 12.30pm. I knew I was in some sort of doghouse.

It was a quick walk to the The Australian Bar on 38th st btwn 5th and 6th ave owned by Matty Astil. It was packed and rocking by the time I got here. Full of green and gold it was like being back home in Australia and a serious Sunday session was beginning. Matty, the owner, by game time wasn’t letting people in, with a line forming outside. The place was rocking and jampacked.

The crowd sang the Aussie national anthem with gusto and cheered the match as it kicked off. By the time the German’s slotted the 3rd goal people were crying in their beers. After the game finished, although a bit disgruntled with getting well and truly flogged, the party kicked on. The Mrs came and picked me up, helping me stumbled home. Woke up this morning to watch the Danes V Dutchies and the Mrs was alright with me.

Wipe the slate clean and start again fresh the next day. The spirit of the World Cup. Now the Socceroos have to do that. And maybe take my mate Bazza’s advice; play better, ball in net, other team no ball in net.

NOTE: Let me know where you are watching your games around the world. Send me a couple of pics the pub your watching the World Cup in.