I was watching 24 Redemption the other day. This is the telemovie that gets us back up to speed with what is going to happen in the coming season of 24. We find Jack Bauer in Africa hanging out with Robert Carlisle. Mr Carlisle is playing a nice guy in this movie which is kind of weird for him. We are used to this Scottish fella playing a villain. Can you remember when the world first met his most famous character, Begbie?

Begbie from Trainspotting was one crazy man. If you want to catch up on the viciousness of Begbie have a quick look at the clip below. What an animal.

If you want to see a more sedate Begbie, CLICK ON BELOW and watch the interview with him about playing Keifer Sutherland’s buddy. There is talk of a Trainspotting sequel. I’d love to see Begbie come back and throw pint glasses around and kicking fellas in the groin.

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