Tom Cruise with Brad Blanks at the Valkyrie Premiere

Tom Cruise has been living in New York City for the last 3 months as his wife Katie Holmes is on Broadway performing. His movie Valkyrie that he made in Germany last year has him attempting to kill Hitler while wearing an eye patch. Not exactly Mission Impossible 4 but still an impossible mission.

I saw a screening of the movie yesterday with all the movie critics of New York City. All the big ones were there from Entertainment Weekly, New York Times, New York Post and the Daily News. The seats in the theatre were so comfy that I decided I’d shut my eyes a bit at the beginning of the movie. Every few minutes I would wake up and catch a new scene with Tom Cruise talking to some German bloke.

Enjoying these naps during the screening of the movie I was rudely awoken by a really loud noise in the theatre. The noise sounded like a screaming pig. All the film critics burst into laughter.

They were laughing at me! It was my ability to snore like a wild pig. To my shock I let my loudest snore ever out of my nose and mouth during an important scene of the movie where Tom Cruise meets Hitler. After that embarrassment, I focused on the film and didn’t shut my eyes once.

Last night Tom was in great spirits on the red carpet. He had watched the beginning of the film and sneaked out of the theatre to have a chat with me.


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