The woman married to the Sexiest Man Alive

In the mid-90’s I saw this young actor on a TV show with a blonde woman who was a little older than him. Next thing I knew she locked this young rooster down and married him. Her name was Deborah Lee Furness and she married Hugh Jackman. A fine actress herself but a better selector of talent. Fast forward about 13 years and her selection of husband has proved to be a great pick – he can act and every woman in the world wants to knock him over. She knows talent early this woman.

I caught up with Deb on the carpet at the premiere for AUSTRALIA in New York. She is a great Aussie chick. I really wanted to know if she still found Hugh Jackman sexy when he does filthy things around the house.

CLICK BELOW to have a look at Deborah yarning about being married to the Wolverine.

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