The next 24 villain – Jon Voight…watch him talk in circles

Poor old Jack Bauer. He had a year off TV and went off and hid in Africa. Little did he know the country he was hiding out in was getting attacked by a bunch of folk who have their weapons bought by jon Voight’s character. So now when Jack returns to the US he has to chase down the evil villain who is played by Jon Voight. Jon Voight has always been a happy fellow when I meet him. The only person that thinks he is villainous is his daughter Angelina. I caught up with him on the red carpet for 24 Redemption. This is the telemovie which gets us 24 fans up to speed.

By the way if you enjoy Mr Voight’s style check out an earlier interview I did with him which is below. We discuss his ability to breed the hottest woman in the world.

CLICK ON BELOW to watch Jon Voight being a villain on 24 this coming season.

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