The Lennon lad gets the girl of course

Being a massive John Lennon fan it was a bit of a thrill to meet his boy Sean. Obviously my initial curiosity wasn’t about his ability to create music as well as his dad but more so, if he had what it takes with the ladies. As you will see in this interview the proof is well and truly in his little pudding. A very slender and lean supermodel type was hanging in the background. I was to later find out this is his girlfriend and a band member in Sean’s group, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. I don’t think it is actually a group but more a duo.

Other than his ability to attract a good looking girlfriend/muse/bandmate, Sean proved to be a funny dude in our short interlude.

I’ve also included my interview with Joseph Gordon-Lovitt below as it appears that he and Sean are great mates.

All in all John Lennon did well with his off spring here and Yoko raised a fine lad. Sean Lennon.

And here is my interview with JGL which happened just as Sean was wandering off….