Hannah Davis sparked controversy with her too much torso photo on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. We catch up where figure out how she got those thumbs on the inside of her bikini bottoms and play the game, Thong, Naked or Body Paint?


Michael Phelps pulls on the Speedos

I went along to the Speedo launch in New York City where there were a lot of buffed women and men bouncing around in their swimming togs. After the razzamattaz of the Fastskin3 launch where Olympians paraded in their goggles and new swimsuits I caught up with the legend Michael Phelps.

Christiano Ronaldo has had a plentiful career. He has kicked lots of goals, had amazing success playing for Manchester United, plays for Real Madrid and has represented Portugal at a few World Cups. He has also been pretty good at getting a lady or two. The gossip columns loved it when he got a hold of Paris Hilton. And then loved it even more when he dabbled with Kim Kardashian. I took my hat off to him on that one.

Now they say he is firmly hooked up. The girl that he has snagged is as far as I am concerned the ultimate WAG. Crouch from England has a good WAG but more about her later in the tournament. Ronaldo is hanging with Irini Shayk, one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. She is an exotic cross between Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.

Irina has been featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition for three years and she doesn’t let anyone down with her impressive work ethic. Ronaldo might be a bit sore in the legs these days but having the soft but firm hands of Irina in your corner after a game has got to bring a dash of happiness.

I caught up with her for a chat last year. She actually says she will only date a man with six pack abs!

WATCH the hot Irina, Ronaldo’s lady….

Once again my head is exploding in this photo…..she is a funny lady.

Let me introduce you to IRINA SHAYK – SWIMSUIT MODEL

Who is Irina Shayk??? I didn’t know who she was until I was at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit party the other night and saw her. There was a young lady walking down the red carpet who was a cross between Scarlett Johannson and Angelina Jolie. Read full story »

Bar Rafaeli takes the bacon – 2009 SI Swimsuit Covergirl

Last night was when Bar Rafaeli was finally crowned the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. I went along to the party last night Read full story »