Ricky Gervais calls me a Wookie and talks DEREK

Ricky Gervais has DEREK exclusively on Netflix. I chatted to him at his very own red carpet. I attempt to keep this interview on the straight and narrow but obviously it takes some twists and turns.

Ricky Gervais shows disgust for sweating Blanks

A hot week in New York City and my assignment was to hit the Bronx. I was in the Botanical Gardens for a big NETFLIX event. Ricky Gervais has just signed a deal to put his UK show DEREK on Netflix in September. So obviously Ricky had to turn up to see his new employers and say hello. In the following video he spots me waiting to do an interview with him and heckles me about my sweating figure.

Check out the latest installment in my ongoing interview series with Gervais….

The below interview is when I actually got a few uppercuts in….

The philosophical Ricky Gervais interview?

The Ricky Gervais interview I recently did has been said to have some deep insights into the entertainment industry and internet videos! “You have every right to empty your drawers on the internet too” is one of those insights. An interview laced with F-bombs, a sizzling few C-crunchers and a direct hit about being fat. This yarn covered a lot of angles and was simply two blokes catching up for a chat.


and here is a moment when I was waiting to chat with him in the HBO building in November 2008!


Ricky Gervais talks The Office 10th Anniversary and my life

It was a very big and busy red carpet for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Second Season. Sauntering cheerfully along the red carpet with his lovely lady was Ricky Gervais. He was in New York City to promote the 10th Anniversary of The Office.

In this interview you will learn a few more of Ricky’s insight’s into the world, the internet and my head.


Louis CK is the most relaxed man in comedy

Louis CK walked the red carpet outside the famed comedy club Carolines to celebrate the second season of his sitcom Louie. You can catch it on the FX network. It is a fantastic show of one man’s life as he attempts to date, do stand up and raise two daughters in New York City.

Check out this interview as we discuss Louis’ sex life on the show and off….. WATCH

One of the great blokes of entertainment Warwick Davis was hanging out at a Harry Potter exhibition near Times Square the other day. So I thought I would go along and have a chat to him. There was a young girl from the Harry Potter movies called Evanna. She didn’t really follow much of what we were talking about. Warwick has been in some great movies and Tv shows of the last 30 years and he discusses his upcoming collaboration with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in the sitcom Life’s Too Short. He also yarns about Cat Deeley joining the cast.


Louis CK stars in his own show Louie

Louie is a new show from one of America’s finest comedians. It premieres on FX June 29th. The show weaves elements of Louis’ stand up routine with short films about his life raising two daughters, attempting to meet women and what to do as a 42 year old single father.

In the third episode you will see Ricky Gervais guest star as a doctor.

Louis CK had a red carpet premiere in New York City at Caroline’s Comedy Club on Broadway. Fellow comedians Robert Kelly and Nick DiPaulo turned up who also star in the FX sitcom.



Over the years I have had a lot of fun with Ricky Gervais. For some reason he finds my head weird and at times very topical. This time I got Ricky to talk on the phone so he didn’t lose his train of thought when looking at my head! November 5th Ricky will be performing a the New York Comedy Festival. You can still get tickets to this rare show at Carnegie Hall.

October 2nd his movie Invention of Lying comes out starring Jennifer Garner.

Have a LISTEN to our in depth interview about stand up comedy and him playing a romantic leading actor. CLICK HERE…..

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The Gervais pre-interview moment

Before I did the epic Gervais interview I was nervously waiting in the HBO lobby. I knew he was going to somehow come up with a new way to describe my head…. Read full story »

I’ve seen Ricky do his stand up a few times now and he is getting better and better everytime, with his gags getting stronger and stronger. Just the other night I saw him on stage at a benefit event where Bruce Springsteen performed. Read full story »