Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon at the True Grit Premiere

True Grit is the new Coen Brothers movie and it stars the legend Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld. For a young girl she nails her role in this great Western. Matt Damon has fantastic facial hair in this and is not the coolest dude at the beginning of the movie.

I caught up with the actors at the red carpet….


Sylvia Miles Sex Kitten at another New York Red carpet

Sylvia Miles always walked past me on New York red carpets. She always walked slow but looked like somebody. Tonight I decided to ask someone who she was.
Little did I know she was one of Andy Warhol’s actresses and was nominated for an Oscar twice. This lady was a star of the late 60’s and I had to talk to her.

I ran into her at the True Grit premiere in New York City where she gives a wonderful appraisal of the red carpet and a nice little story about the original True Grit star, John Wayne.

I’ve also included a photo of Sylvia from her Andy Warhol days. Fair body on her hey!

Hugh Grant thinks he knows fashion over me


I’ve always enjoyed Hugh Grant’s movies since Four Weddings and a Funeral. He just seems like a guy who really has no interest being a movie star. I caught up with him at the red carpet of his new movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Did you hear about the Morgans?….It’s a movie where Hugh Grant and SJP are banished to a farm in a witness relocation program.


Rachel McAdams is a great kisser and Eric Bana – VIDEO

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I am a dribbling mess when talking to hot actresses and this Rachel McAdams is one lady that fires me up. I went along and saw her new movie, The Time Traveller’s Wife and took the Mrs to show her my sensitive side. This is a chick flick but also a sure fire winning film to get you out of the doghouse if your wife or girlfriend has put you there. Read full story »

McLovin is with a hot chick – Christopher Mintze-Plasse

Christopher Mintze-Plasse is the legend known as McLovin. He was hilarious in the movie Superbad. He appears in the new movie YEAR ONE with Jack Black and Michael Cera. I caught up with him on the red carpet to talk about women, working with Nic Cage and circumcision. Read full story »

Three years ago I stood outside the stage door of the Julia Robert’s Broadway play, Three Days of Rain. I stood there for 3 weeks in the hope of talking to Julia Roberts. I never talked to her. My first night I recited lines of her movies to her which probably had something to do with her not wanting to talk to me. Read full story »

The beautiful Rose Byrne – an interview dissected

I know when I suck. In this interview with Rose Byrne I was super nervous. I’ve watched this video back to determine where I became the mess and lost control of the interview. How many interviews do I control anyway? Read full story »

Tom Cruise with Brad Blanks at the Valkyrie Premiere

Tom Cruise has been living in New York City for the last 3 months as his wife Katie Holmes is on Broadway performing. His movie Valkyrie that he made in Germany last year has him attempting to kill Hitler while wearing an eye patch. Not exactly Mission Impossible 4 but still an impossible mission. Read full story »

Ever since I saw Misery I have got scared of Kathy Bates. The stuff that she did to poor old James Caan in that movie made me shiver as a young lad. Read full story »

They had a big red carpet for the remake movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Read full story »