Lena Dunham talks Nude Ping Pong – Girls

Lena Dunham was all dolled up at her very own red carpet for the GIRLS Season 3 Premiere. She says that her character Hannah is in a good space for a few episodes of the next season. I was more fascinated by the craziness of last season’s naked ping pong scene. She has a few words to say about that inspirational moment on TV.


Allison Williams is one striking woman and already has the sense of humor of her father. When she appeared in front of me at the Girls Season 3 premiere I was quite taken aback. Definitely a young lady in control of her situation and on the front foot while talking to me. Her character Marnie ended in a good spot at the end of Season 2 but with her fella leaving the show, the wheels quickly fall off in her Girls world.


Joel McHale stumbles into Blanks

Talk Soup host, turned TV star, turned movie star was just walking into the WAY WAY BACK Premiere in New York City as I asked him for a quick chat. We then proceeded to have a very jilted conversation about the current movie he is making, Eric Bana and if I’m a good judge or not.

Have a look….

Hank Azaria breaks bad in Smurfs Movie

One of the most talented actors and poker players on the planet goes evil in The Smurfs movie. Hank Azaria plays Gargamel as he runs around Earth trying to kill little blue creatures. I caught up with him at the blue carpet and talk about what his poker buddies said when he told them he was in the Smurfs movie.


Ben Stiller and I both ogle Jessica Alba

Ben Stiller was super relaxed at the Little Fockers Premiere but I could see his blood pressure rise a bit when Jessica Alba turned up. She makes most men take notice. The photographers went wild.

Have a look at our chat….


In Depth Harrison Ford Interview with Rachel McAdams – WATCH

I went along to the red carpet for this new movie Morning Glory. It stars Rachel McAdams and the legend Harrison Ford. He plays a grumpy old guy at the end of his career. Check out my probing interview with Harrison Ford


Keifer Sutherland rips me to shreds – stern but precise


With the terrible news that Jack Bauer might no longer be on our television screens after this season I thought I’d better hurry up and get this video to you. It was at the 24 Red Carpet premiere in New York City. I was so excited to see Jack Bauer in the flesh that I ripped the nail of my index finger off as I was leaving my house…this gave me extra focus on the red carpet as I felt like Jack Bauer. With pain running through my body I awaited to talk to one of the great TV characters of this century. Before the very pixie-like Keifer got to me on the red carpet he was being interviewed by Indian news crews. 24 is a massive show on the streets of Mumbai and Keifer wanted to focus during his interview with them. I chatted briefly with a fine Wall Street Journal reporter about how we would conduct ourselves in front of the main dude from CTU. I was going to cover moving the show to New York City and the fact he wore a dress on Dave Letterman the night before.

My seemingly quiet discussion lead Keifer to do a head swivel and then he let rip……


Clive Owen – The Boys Are Back – Red carpet New York

I have interviewed a number of times over the last 4 years. He is one of my favourite actors and great fella. Unfortunately he thinks that I am drunk most of the time. I guess I look a bit drunk most of the time. It all started when we first met the day after Halloween in 2005. It was on the red carpet for Derailed and I wasn absolute mess from the night before. Read full story »

Three years ago I stood outside the stage door of the Julia Robert’s Broadway play, Three Days of Rain. I stood there for 3 weeks in the hope of talking to Julia Roberts. I never talked to her. My first night I recited lines of her movies to her which probably had something to do with her not wanting to talk to me. Read full story »

The beautiful Rose Byrne – an interview dissected

I know when I suck. In this interview with Rose Byrne I was super nervous. I’ve watched this video back to determine where I became the mess and lost control of the interview. How many interviews do I control anyway? Read full story »