Baz Luhrmann is like a mad genius. He lays it on the line everytime and somehow makes big crazy movies. He is married to Catherine Martin who has won a couple of Oscars for designing the clothes in Moulin Rouge and making the set. Read full story »

This year has been a big one for the Sex and the City chicks. The film came out in May. I was dragged along to it by the Mrs. It was a tough movie to watch with sobbing girls, laughing women, and general hysteria through the cinema as SJP changed her clothes. Read full story »

David Blaine has done loads of stunts now around New York City. I have actually lost count. He once stood on a pole for a few days without falling off and splattering himself. I recently saw him inside a big fishbowl which was kind of disgusting because all his skin went fishy and fell off. Read full story »