Joel McHale stumbles into Blanks

Talk Soup host, turned TV star, turned movie star was just walking into the WAY WAY BACK Premiere in New York City as I asked him for a quick chat. We then proceeded to have a very jilted conversation about the current movie he is making, Eric Bana and if I’m a good judge or not.

Have a look….

Stay tuned…the video is coming….here is a few photos of her on the red carpet from tonight’s New York City Runaways Premiere. She looked super hot. Considering at Sundance she was all rock chick, tonight she was Hollywood glamour in her dress….

Also below is my earlier interview from Sundance where i got the infamous bitchface….did I get it again tonight? My challenge was to make her smile. Will be up soon.


She didn’t like the flash too much!!!


The old Sundance Interview….

Keifer Sutherland rips me to shreds – stern but precise


With the terrible news that Jack Bauer might no longer be on our television screens after this season I thought I’d better hurry up and get this video to you. It was at the 24 Red Carpet premiere in New York City. I was so excited to see Jack Bauer in the flesh that I ripped the nail of my index finger off as I was leaving my house…this gave me extra focus on the red carpet as I felt like Jack Bauer. With pain running through my body I awaited to talk to one of the great TV characters of this century. Before the very pixie-like Keifer got to me on the red carpet he was being interviewed by Indian news crews. 24 is a massive show on the streets of Mumbai and Keifer wanted to focus during his interview with them. I chatted briefly with a fine Wall Street Journal reporter about how we would conduct ourselves in front of the main dude from CTU. I was going to cover moving the show to New York City and the fact he wore a dress on Dave Letterman the night before.

My seemingly quiet discussion lead Keifer to do a head swivel and then he let rip……


John Travolta talks nude nut and a hot European lady

It was a freezing night out for the red carpet of FROM PARIS WITH LOVE. It’s from the director of Taken, Pierre Morel. This is a fella that knows how to blow things up. This time he takes John Travolta and turns him into a crazy bald headed action hero. Also in this movie is Jonathon Rhys-Myers and some lady called Kasia Smutniak. I think she is Italian. Not real sure and it probably doesn’t matter as she is a little bit pretty….

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW……let me know if you think Travolta has a rug?

Every year I attend the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year event. They have really good hors d’œuvre’s that I smash with abundance and free flowing beers. Also at the event is the greatest sportsman of the year. This year’s choice was a little bit controversial. Derek Jeter, the captain of the World Series champions, was chosen to be SI Sportsman of the Year.

The tough part of this assignment was getting him to talk in a laid-back manner. On September 10th I interviewed him about breaking the hit record for the Yankees and the interview finished awkwardly. You can check that interview out below to see why I was a little nervous about getting a fun interview with Mr Jeter.


HERE IS MY LAST JETER INTERVIEW….make sure you catch the end….

The movie is Blind Side and is one of the best movies of the year. It’s a true story about Tuohy Family in Memphis who adopt a homeless boy. A huge boy named Michael Oher he has a natural talent at playing football. An uplifting story where Sandra Bullock plays the strong mother and Tim McGraw plays the father.

I caught up with both of them on the red carpet in New York City. Also had a chat with Quentin Aaron who plays Michael Oher.



Yankee Fans invade Yankee Stadium for free

The other night when the Yankees were playing baseball in in Los Angeles, the Steinbrenner’s decided to throw open the gates and let the people in for free. 6000 people turned up to watch the playoffs on the big screen. Watch the video below to head how happy the people were for getting free entry into Yankee Stadium.


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Rachel McAdams is a great kisser and Eric Bana – VIDEO

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I am a dribbling mess when talking to hot actresses and this Rachel McAdams is one lady that fires me up. I went along and saw her new movie, The Time Traveller’s Wife and took the Mrs to show her my sensitive side. This is a chick flick but also a sure fire winning film to get you out of the doghouse if your wife or girlfriend has put you there. Read full story »

Number One Handyman in America is Handsome

I caught up with the number one handyman in American. He is known as the Handsome Handyman and is from my country of Australia. Also known as Jake Tyson, he is now based in Los Angeles, where he is doing loads of television appearances encouraging women to do-it-yourself. Read full story »

Drew Barrymore lives in squalor but is still hot

Drew Barrymore is an actress I’ve loved since she was little Gertie in ET. Then she had a wild time in her teens. When she was 13 years of age she was doing stuff that I wouldn’t discover until later in life. Let’s just say she was an early bloomer. She has had a funny old life. She married Tom Green and then got out 5 months down the track. She went out with one of the cool dudes with messy hair from the Strokes. Read full story »