Lena Dunham talks Nude Ping Pong – Girls

Lena Dunham was all dolled up at her very own red carpet for the GIRLS Season 3 Premiere. She says that her character Hannah is in a good space for a few episodes of the next season. I was more fascinated by the craziness of last season’s naked ping pong scene. She has a few words to say about that inspirational moment on TV.


Allison Williams is one striking woman and already has the sense of humor of her father. When she appeared in front of me at the Girls Season 3 premiere I was quite taken aback. Definitely a young lady in control of her situation and on the front foot while talking to me. Her character Marnie ended in a good spot at the end of Season 2 but with her fella leaving the show, the wheels quickly fall off in her Girls world.


In Depth Harrison Ford Interview with Rachel McAdams – WATCH

I went along to the red carpet for this new movie Morning Glory. It stars Rachel McAdams and the legend Harrison Ford. He plays a grumpy old guy at the end of his career. Check out my probing interview with Harrison Ford



WATCH VIDEO BELOW. Alex O’Loughlin is an Aussie fella who has been on American television for the last 4 years. I first saw him in one of my favorite shows THE SHIELD. He then went on and did some CBS shows, Moonlight and Three Rivers; two shows that made him a minor TV star although the shows were not successful. Opening this week across America is a movie starring him and Jennifer Lopez. It’s called the Back Up Plan and looks like the type of movie where I will take the Mrs.

Later in the year Alex will be appearing as Steve McGarrett in the remake of the legendary TV show, Hawaii Five-O.

CLICK on the interview below to watch two Aussie hearthrobs chat…well one of them is a hearthrob….the fella on the left I reckon!

Jennifer Aniston looks hot and Gerard Butler has a yarn

The Bounty Hunter Premiere hit New York City and of course Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler continued their charade of hugging, groping and nearly making out for the photographers. And obviously every wanka on the red carpet asked them if they were actually laying down with each other. I’m trying to work out if they maybe had a “one-off” shag. Maybe at the very beginning of the working relationship. I’ve seen Butler roll at parties before and he likes them a bit more blonde and bit more busty. Then again how could you ever deny Aniston. She looked fantastic the other night on the carpet but wish she could of shown more of her legs.

My conversation with Aniston was a bit stilted but Gerard Butler brings it home…..

Someone told me that the interview went a bit sideways because I said “Hi Jenn, Im Brad” – that line ended in disaster the last time it was uttered to her.


Robert Downey Jnr with his Mrs and Jude Law


Sherlock Holmes is doing great at the box office. This action movie is great fun and cements Robert Downey Jnr as an unlikely action star. I caught up with him, Jude Law and the director Guy Ritchie.

Jude Law the Englishman starts off having a go at me about England beating Australia in the cricket!


It was a wild night at the red carpet for the movie NINE. Fergie had to become bigger for her role and I was lucky enough to get her to talk very seductively about getting fat. Nicole Kidman was looking great on the carpet and Penelope Cruz had my legs shaking a bit….super hot…..

Check on the video below…


I’ve always enjoyed Hugh Grant’s movies since Four Weddings and a Funeral. He just seems like a guy who really has no interest being a movie star. I caught up with him at the red carpet of his new movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Did you hear about the Morgans?….It’s a movie where Hugh Grant and SJP are banished to a farm in a witness relocation program.


Billy Connolly is back in Boondock Saints 2

I caught up with Billy Connolly at a screening of his new movie, Boondock Saints 2. He returns as Il Duce, the father of the lads. Connolly is one of my favourite comedians. He probably doesn’t even call himself a comic anymore and takes more satisfaction these days playing the sitar…I think that’s Indian – right? Anyway his hair is long and he is in great spirits….


Clive Owen – The Boys Are Back – Red carpet New York

I have interviewed a number of times over the last 4 years. He is one of my favourite actors and great fella. Unfortunately he thinks that I am drunk most of the time. I guess I look a bit drunk most of the time. It all started when we first met the day after Halloween in 2005. It was on the red carpet for Derailed and I wasn absolute mess from the night before. Read full story »