Kristen Stewart Runaways Sundance Film Fest

I think Kristen Stewart is fantastic and I’ll admit I get a little tongue tied when I talk to her…I was lucky enough to have a yarn with her at the red carpet for the new Joan Jett bio pic THE RUNAWAYS at the Sundance Film Festival. The film also stars Dakota Fanning. I don’t think she liked my last question!!!

CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW and leave me a comment below….do you think she hates me?

Here is my New Moon junket interview where she didn’t like me at the start and then by the end got her like me a little bit.



Back amongst all the Twilight New Moon madness everyone was talking about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the wolf kid Taylor Lautner. Thats all I really cared about too on the day I was summoned to Los Angeles to interview them. However something strange happened. My first interview was with the chick who plays Alice in the movie.

Playing Edward Cullen’s sister Alice didn’t start out being a big role in the first Twilight but by the end of New Moon people stood up and asked “Who is this hot piece of vampire?” Well that’s what I said.

I was thrust into an interview room at the Four Season’s Hotel in Beverly Hills where I was made to interview Ashley Greene. The first thing I realised was how hot she was. She looked a hell of a lot better than Alice in the movie. Take a look below at the video of me getting flustered interviewing her. What a mess I was!

I’ve since seen her on red carpets in New York City and she is by far the best looking lady on them. She just has to leave her pet dog at home more….one of those little rat-like dogs that she dresses up in rainbow sweaters. I nearly stepped on it when I interviewed her.

Other people have discovered how hot she is. She will be appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covered in body paint. That hits shelves in early February. Before you get a hold of the one handed magazine you can check out the hot video of Ashley rolling around on a tree and on the beach naked….well covered in that pesky paint….if you have a good imagination you can get past the paint.

Check out the video….

Twilight New Moon fans and Kellen Lutz Nikki Reed

The other day I went to Toys R Us in Times Square, New York City. Lined up around the corner were hundreds of Twilight fans waiting to get an autograph from Nikki Reed and Kellen Lutz who are vampires. They are a part of the Cullen family. So I guess even if you are only in a few scenes with Edward you still get your clothes ripped off by fans of all ages.


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Robert Pattinson talks about taking his shirt off

I knew the pressure on me to do a decent interview with a matinee idol was going to be huge. Thousands of Twilight fans wanted to hear the object of their desire talk and I was to be the one to ensure he actually managed to string a sentence together. When I met Pattinson the first thing I noticed was his hair. It’s hair that I wanted. If I had that hair sitting just above my massive forehead I would drive a convertible all the time.

Anyway for your New Moon fix with the film’s star CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW….
I think this fella is a good bloke.

Kristen Stewart of New Moon slowly opens up

I was a bit nervous before my Kristen Stewart interview. She had just gone exploded to EW about how angry she is with every one delving into her private life. Before the interview I tried to assure her that I was looking to have a bit of fun…..she must of thought that I was lying as it took her a while to get any sort of fun going. This was like boxing but I finally got her to smile and laugh while also explaining that New Moon is the ultimate break up movie. By the way, this chick is super hot and in the movie looks amazing.

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Taylor Lautner is Jacob in New Moon – the wolf fella

The world can’t get enough of this fella Taylor Lautner. The supposed fella of Taylor Swift, Mr Lautner must be pinching himself. After a beating he took from Twilight fans for being too scrawny to play Jacob in the first Twilight, this guy lived on protein shakes and did pushups and has come back massive in the sequel, New Moon. He is attempting to cut Edward’s lunch in the movie and get on to Bella. This kid has come a long way from his performance in Cheaper by the Dozen 2!

Check out the interview below…

If you were a Twilight fan you would know who this young lady Ashley Greene is. Unfortunately I didn’t know who she was but when I met her I was quite taken with how hot she was. In the sequel to Twilight she returns as Edward’s sister and she actually does a great job. She is also on the cover of Maxim Magazine and looks incredible.

Check out my interview below.