Simon Pegg super action hero

Simon Pegg brings the laughs and the action in Mission Impossible 4. He is also starring in the movie The Adventures of TinTin with his good mate Nick Frost. I had a yarn with Simon about Ghost Protocol. He starts off discussing Tom Cruise. And yes we also chat about those little black plugs that they use for motion capture in follow up to our colorful chat with Nick Frost

I first ran into Anil Kapoor when he was running around America promoting Slumdog Millionaire. He has always enjoyed a chat. In Mission Impossible 4 he plays a billionaire playboy and we discuss the art of seduction in the movies.

Anil and his seductress Paula Patton

Tom Cruise talks fun stunts in MI4

Mission Impossible 4 is packed with action and great stunts. As we know Tom Cruise still has a crack at his own stunts. I catch him on the red carpet and find out if he still gets off on doing this stuff….

Paula Patton is incredible in the new movie, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. She goes crazy in one fight scene with another lady. On the red carpet she was in a fantastic mood. I actually nearly hugged her.

Check out this lady….one of the most beautiful ladies of the year….

The Mission Impossible 4 Premiere in New York City was one of the biggest red carpets events of the last few years. Katies Holmes shuffled in quietly as thousands of fans cheered and awaited her superstar husband. Before Tom made his way down the carpet, TV legend Alan Thicke chatted to people along the press line, while holding the hand of his beautiful wife Tanya Callau. Alan’s son, Robin, is the husband of Paula Patton who is fantastic in MI4 as a chief butt kicker. As for Tanya, the piece of material she missed out of her dress on the red carpet definitely turned heads.

Here is an in depth interview with Alan and Tanya that go deep into the cleavage of her dress…..