Judd Apatow finally gets to write for The Simpsons

Judd Apatow is the producer of Girls. He walked the red carpet the other night so I was able to get a few words with this comedy mogul. We kick it off with the success of Anchorman 2. Then we discuss Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street. At the end we bring it home with his great life moment. Finally getting a Simpsons script produced that he wrote 20 years ago.

Lena Dunham talks Nude Ping Pong – Girls

Lena Dunham was all dolled up at her very own red carpet for the GIRLS Season 3 Premiere. She says that her character Hannah is in a good space for a few episodes of the next season. I was more fascinated by the craziness of last season’s naked ping pong scene. She has a few words to say about that inspirational moment on TV.


Allison Williams is one striking woman and already has the sense of humor of her father. When she appeared in front of me at the Girls Season 3 premiere I was quite taken aback. Definitely a young lady in control of her situation and on the front foot while talking to me. Her character Marnie ended in a good spot at the end of Season 2 but with her fella leaving the show, the wheels quickly fall off in her Girls world.


Lena Dunham GIRLS talks nudity and her excitement

GIRLS Season 2 kicks off on HBO and again it doesn’t disappoint. Lena Dunham again finds herself lost when it comes to boys but maybe she isn’t that lost as it looks like she is having a lot of fun! I caught up with her for a chat and she definitely doesn’t disappoint for banter.