Judd Apatow finally gets to write for The Simpsons

Judd Apatow is the producer of Girls. He walked the red carpet the other night so I was able to get a few words with this comedy mogul. We kick it off with the success of Anchorman 2. Then we discuss Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street. At the end we bring it home with his great life moment. Finally getting a Simpsons script produced that he wrote 20 years ago.

Jonah Hill knows how to please in The Sitter

I was out at the red carpet the other night for Jonah Hill’s new movie The Sitter. This is a movie where a schlub of a fella has to look after 3 kids and then the madness ensues. The film is great fun and there are a lot of laughs. And it gets quite filthy.

The opening scene is very exciting and sees Jonah Hill at his best, with young actress Ari Graynor. I catch up with both of them to get their technique on this interesting love scene.



Michael Cera is loved by women all over the world who are happy with his childlike boy-next-door features. However in his new movie, Youth In Revolt, he runs into a girl that doesn’t like him too much. He then has to transform into a sexy beast to impress her.

I caught up with Michael and his co-star Fred Willard at the New York City red carpet. Was his female co-star Portia Doubleday a better cuddler than Jonah Hill in Superbad?

I’ve seen Ricky do his stand up a few times now and he is getting better and better everytime, with his gags getting stronger and stronger. Just the other night I saw him on stage at a benefit event where Bruce Springsteen performed. Read full story »