Scarlett Johansson talks tigers and kicking butt

Scarlett Johansson stars in the new Cameron Crowe movie, We Bought a Zoo. Scarlett once again looks beautiful as a zookeeper that tries to bring sense to Matt Damon’s world after he ambitiously bought a zoo. The last time I interviewed Scarlett was for Iron Man 2 when she played Black Widow. Back then my head nearly exploded talking to her. I’m not sure why I was so excited. This time I tried to keep my cool.

Here is the interview for Iron Man 2 where my head nearly exploded…..

Don Cheadle becomes War Machine in Iron Man 2

Don Cheadle has the job of taking over from the other fella. Cheadle assumes the role of Rhodey which means he also gets to become War Machine.

I caught up with the very cool Cheadle to talk about what it’s like inside such a massive piece of metal; the War Machine.


Jon Favreau the head cheese of Iron Man 2

Jon Favreau is one happy fella. 14 years ago he was running around with Vince Vaughan in Swingers. Now he is at the top of the bunch when it comes to directing big movies. He has brought out the best in Robert Downey Jr giving him another crack at superstardom. In Iron Man 2 he seeks to set up the Marvel business with plenty of openings for follow up movies. Let’s hope he takes a well earned break and comes back fresh and leads on to Iron Man 3.

On an acting note he again plays Happy Hogan. In the comic books he is meant to be laying on top of Pepper Potts……WATCH what he has to say about this in the interview….


Robert Downey Jr is a fantastic fella to chat to. I’ve had great, weird and wonderful moments with him over the years. I even had the pleasure of running into him in a toilet at the Sundance Film Festival. All above board but it was around the time when he was still a little wild.

Now he has devoted wife who keeps him in line. She has definitely quietened him down which is good for us as we have got to see him create some marvellous characters like Tony Stark. One of the best guys in Hollywood, you can tell that he still has that glint in his eyes where he would love to be partying like the good old days.

Downey Jr once told me that people had Nergasm’s over his Iron Man suit….have a look below as he explain what a nergasm is.


It’s only fitting that we now get to see Scarlett Johansson running around beating guys up in a superhero movie. It’s the logical next step if you are one of the hottest ladies in the world. I caught up with her to discuss her role as Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

I walked into the room to meet her and was immediately baffled by how amazing she looked. She also had a swag about her that said “I could kick your arse too”.

WATCH HERE…..let me know what you think in the comments below….