Eddie Redmayne will win the Oscar

I recently caught up with Eddie Redmayne at a small screening for his new movie The Theory Of Everything. He is definitely the toast of New York City. There are many screenings of the movie happening around town hosted by the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman in a bid to woo Oscar voters. And yes they will be woo’ed. It is a fantastic movie with a sterling performance from Redmayne, playing genius Dr Stephen Hawking. The movie is based on the book written by Hawking’s ex-wife, who is played by Felicity Jones, who brings comedy and heartbreak.

In the interview above I ask Eddie about Dr Hawking’s Simpson’s episode. Here is a great little vid on Hawking talking about that particular episode. How good is Homer’s line at the very end????

Hugh Jackman honored and talks Halle Berry

Hugh Jackman stars in Les Miserables where his performance is getting rave reviews. I always like catching up with Jackman as he always is good fun and likes a yarn. This was at Cipriani Wall Street where he was being honored by the Museum of Moving Image.

On hand was Anne Hathaway who stars with Hugh in Les Mis and the movie’s director Tom Hooper.

In the following interview I bring up Halle Berry and her role with him in Swordfish. He gives a great little spiel on her. Apparently he was the one that convinced that she should famously go topless in that movie. Well done Hugh….cheers mate!

Hugh Jackman is great – Nicole Kidman not so sure…..

Hugh Jackman is the ultimate gentleman and is up for a yarn with me on the New York red carpet. Watch out for the bonus Nicole Kidman piece at the end. Not so accommodating……

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