Snagging Samuel L Jackson

I went along to the red carpet for the HBO series, “Show me a Hero”. I got talking to a wonderful woman called LaTanya Jackson. As you see in the video above she has plenty of spunk. She is also the wife of movie legend, Samuel L Jackson. He attended the event like any good husband should do and support his Mrs. He was standing cool against a wall like a bad mo fo. Midway through my interview with LaTanya I thought I’d try an old red carpet move where I would get him inserted in the interview. This move worked where I was able to get them discussing his brilliant movies. Although they didn’t really understand where I was going with the turning point in his career. I suggested that pre-Pulp Fiction he played villains, then post Pulp, he became a hero. Nonetheless like a proud wife, LaTanya did say that Samuel was the most memorable part of Coming to America.

Take a look at the scene as it is awesome…. and a shout out to my old buddy Louie Anderson who is behind the counter!

George RR Martin has been in television for a long time. Yet he had to write millions of words and put it into a few books to get the big break he was chasing. Now the South Park crew write a songs dedicated to him called Floppy Wieners. He is a the brains behind the Game of Thrones books and I manage to snag a chat about where he gets his ideas from and if he enjoyed the floppy wiener song. By the way here is a taste of the song….

And here is the interview with George.

And if you want a little more George he even taps into his brain to let me know where the Malaysian Flight 370 might be.

Lena Dunham GIRLS talks nudity and her excitement

GIRLS Season 2 kicks off on HBO and again it doesn’t disappoint. Lena Dunham again finds herself lost when it comes to boys but maybe she isn’t that lost as it looks like she is having a lot of fun! I caught up with her for a chat and she definitely doesn’t disappoint for banter.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks being the VEEP

I caught up with the brilliant Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the red carpet for her new show on HBO, VEEP. She plays the Vice President.

Also can someone clarify where Elaine from Seinfeld was from. I swear it was Baltimore! Hit me up with a message on Facebook.

Thomas Jane wants to discuss the old fella and Hung

Thomas Jane is a reasonably happy guy. He has a full time gig where he isn’t the star but his groin region is. Season 3 of Hung kicks off this weekend and Thomas Jane will be back in all his hooker glory.

We catch up and have an interesting chat about his new found fame in that area.


One of the great blokes of entertainment Warwick Davis was hanging out at a Harry Potter exhibition near Times Square the other day. So I thought I would go along and have a chat to him. There was a young girl from the Harry Potter movies called Evanna. She didn’t really follow much of what we were talking about. Warwick has been in some great movies and Tv shows of the last 30 years and he discusses his upcoming collaboration with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in the sitcom Life’s Too Short. He also yarns about Cat Deeley joining the cast.


The Gervais pre-interview moment

Before I did the epic Gervais interview I was nervously waiting in the HBO lobby. I knew he was going to somehow come up with a new way to describe my head…. Read full story »

I’ve seen Ricky do his stand up a few times now and he is getting better and better everytime, with his gags getting stronger and stronger. Just the other night I saw him on stage at a benefit event where Bruce Springsteen performed. Read full story »

Entourage is back on HBO and it is all about making Vincent Chase a star again. And the man to pull this off is TV’s finest character, Ari Gold. Jeremy Piven, the man behind this expletive spewing agent, has had a big week. Read full story »