Going the Distance is the movie which sees Drew Barrymore getting picked up by Justin Long. I was requested to LA for this interview which proved weird from the outset as I didn’t know whether these two were still lovers. Are they still together? Watch this interview and figure it out.

I’ve been a massive fan of Drew’s since I saw ET! She is always delightful to interview…..watch the end of the video. She gives me a nice compliment!


Robert De Niro, please talk to me!

The least talking superstar in Hollywood is Robert De Niro. One of the great actors of our time De Niro runs down red carpets in fear of talking to anyone. After about 15 attempts of talking to talk to Robert De Niro I attempt to get a few words out of him at the Everybody’s Fine red carpet.

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Drew Barrymore Whips it real hard

Drew Barrymore has a new movie out called WHIP IT…..It is a story about a young girl who develops a passion for roller derby. In this movie the roller derby chicks were hot. In reality these chicks didn’t look this good.

Check out my interview with Drew Barrymore. A little tired I think she was!

Drew Barrymore lives in squalor but is still hot

Drew Barrymore is an actress I’ve loved since she was little Gertie in ET. Then she had a wild time in her teens. When she was 13 years of age she was doing stuff that I wouldn’t discover until later in life. Let’s just say she was an early bloomer. She has had a funny old life. She married Tom Green and then got out 5 months down the track. She went out with one of the cool dudes with messy hair from the Strokes. Read full story »