Jason Statham knows how to punch

Jason Statham is an action superstar. And I focused on not mincing my words or saying anything too stupid which might of resulted in an elbow to the head. As far as I could tell I think we might now be friends…..well sort of.

Killer Elite is the movie and I thought it was great. Statham and Clive Owen go at it pretty hard. It would be called a draw I reckon.


Clive Owen is ready to kick some butt

I’ve always classed Clive Owen as the serious actor but he has dabbled in the action genre. He was one of the assassins in the Bourne Identity and he was the hero in Shoot Em Up. In Killer Elite he takes it to a whole new level when he goes head to head with action superstar Jason Statham. In my own long running verbal battle with Clive Owen we re-acquaint ourselves and discuss Killer Elite. This is a fantastic action movie which also stars Robert De Niro.


Check out one I my encounters with Clive when I ask him for help in trying to interview the shy Julia Roberts…. CLIVE AND BLANKS CHASE JULIA ROBERTS

Clive Owen – The Boys Are Back – Red carpet New York

I have interviewed a number of times over the last 4 years. He is one of my favourite actors and great fella. Unfortunately he thinks that I am drunk most of the time. I guess I look a bit drunk most of the time. It all started when we first met the day after Halloween in 2005. It was on the red carpet for Derailed and I wasn absolute mess from the night before. Read full story »

Three years ago I stood outside the stage door of the Julia Robert’s Broadway play, Three Days of Rain. I stood there for 3 weeks in the hope of talking to Julia Roberts. I never talked to her. My first night I recited lines of her movies to her which probably had something to do with her not wanting to talk to me. Read full story »


In late 2005 I was scheduled to interview Clive Owen for the movie DERAILED. This movie had Jennifer Aniston in it. Clive was gracious enough to talk to me. I was a little under the weather. Read full story »