Chris Pratt talks facing Brad Pitt in Moneyball

If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation you would be a fan of this guy. He does a great job in the movie Moneyball, playing baseballer Scott Hatteberg. In this interview Chris talks about getting skinny to play the role and not backing down when in front of superstar Brad Pitt.

This fella is married to Anna Farris and is a great bloke.


Quentin Tarantino talks scalping and Brad Pitt’s ugliness

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The number one movie in America is INGLORIUS BASTERDS. I rate Tarantino as one of the best directors ever nearly there with Scorcese and Woody Allen. I know I’m missing some other greats but I’ll save that for another day. Read full story »

Ricky Gervais Ghostown Premiere Toronto with Brad Blanks

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