Heidi Montag talks Orgasms and Playboy Cover

Heidi Montag is on the cover of Playboy Magazine. I had a chat with her on the phone. We discussed her husband Spencer and the fact they have 20 – 30 orgasms a day Read full story »

Rachel McAdams is a great kisser and Eric Bana – VIDEO

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I am a dribbling mess when talking to hot actresses and this Rachel McAdams is one lady that fires me up. I went along and saw her new movie, The Time Traveller’s Wife and took the Mrs to show her my sensitive side. This is a chick flick but also a sure fire winning film to get you out of the doghouse if your wife or girlfriend has put you there. Read full story »

Michael Jacksons Fans Paying Tribute in Times Square

It’s been a sad week for Michael Jackson fans. I used to love Jacko when I was a young fella. I had a lifesize poster on my wall when I was 13…. Gee why did I do that? Anyway I loved his music and just for the record that poster was replaced with Elle Macpherson in a bikini the following year. Read full story »

McLovin is with a hot chick – Christopher Mintze-Plasse

Christopher Mintze-Plasse is the legend known as McLovin. He was hilarious in the movie Superbad. He appears in the new movie YEAR ONE with Jack Black and Michael Cera. I caught up with him on the red carpet to talk about women, working with Nic Cage and circumcision. Read full story »

It’s a wonderful thing when you can walk around New York City and talk to people. It is even better when you can learn something. I am trying to determine if I gained any wisdom from my discussion with this lady; Daisy Del A Hoya. She has her own TV show. Read full story »

The Tony Awards is the celebration of Broadway. It was a big night and Neil Patrick Harris was a great host. I caught up with Jeff Daniels and Allison Janney before the big night. Jeff Daniels is a great actor and was nominated for best performance from a lead actor for his role on God of Carnage which also stars Tony Soprano. Read full story »

I ride BIZARRO Rollercoaster and don’t vomit

I went out to Six Flags Great Adventure before the park was open so I could get on the rollercoaster Bizarro. I was a bit nervous because I had a bit of car sickness before the ride. WATCH THE VIDEO Read full story »

Number One Handyman in America is Handsome

I caught up with the number one handyman in American. He is known as the Handsome Handyman and is from my country of Australia. Also known as Jake Tyson, he is now based in Los Angeles, where he is doing loads of television appearances encouraging women to do-it-yourself. Read full story »

Ozzie Osbourne explains show that bombed

It is always fantastic to catch up with Ozzie Osbourne. I could talk with this fella all day. If only they had of let him talk more on the ill-fated TV show he and his family did recently; Osbournes Reloaded. Unfortunately FOX did play the rest of the show. Read full story »

The beautiful Rose Byrne – an interview dissected

I know when I suck. In this interview with Rose Byrne I was super nervous. I’ve watched this video back to determine where I became the mess and lost control of the interview. How many interviews do I control anyway? Read full story »