Bill Hader SNL talks playing Wikileaks fella Julian Assange

Bill Hader has been having a great time over the last few weeks playing a deadon Julian Assange on Saturday Night Live. I caught up all round nice guy and had a chat about his inspiration for this impression.


Clive Owen – The Boys Are Back – Red carpet New York

I have interviewed a number of times over the last 4 years. He is one of my favourite actors and great fella. Unfortunately he thinks that I am drunk most of the time. I guess I look a bit drunk most of the time. It all started when we first met the day after Halloween in 2005. It was on the red carpet for Derailed and I wasn absolute mess from the night before. Read full story »

Aziz Ansari – Apologises to Australia

I first saw Aziz Ansari on Human Giant. He did a great bit with Will Arnett on the show. I also saw him pop up on an episode of Flight of Conchords where he played the racist grocer who hated Australians. A classic episode that highlights the Aussie Kiwi rivalry to Americans. Read full story »

The Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Red Carpet Race Call

Here is my race call from the New York red carpet for the movie Australia. This is a blow-by-blow description of Nicole Kidman and her hubby Keith Urban strolling the red carpet. Keith gets lost a bit. Read full story »

Hugh Jackman is great – Nicole Kidman not so sure…..

Hugh Jackman is the ultimate gentleman and is up for a yarn with me on the New York red carpet. Watch out for the bonus Nicole Kidman piece at the end. Not so accommodating……

In the mid-90’s I saw this young actor on a TV show with a blonde woman who was a little older than him. Next thing I knew she locked this young rooster down and married him. Her name was Deborah Lee Furness and she married Hugh Jackman. Read full story »

Baz Luhrmann is like a mad genius. He lays it on the line everytime and somehow makes big crazy movies. He is married to Catherine Martin who has won a couple of Oscars for designing the clothes in Moulin Rouge and making the set. Read full story »