Anil Kapoor Indian star talks playing a playboy

I first ran into Anil Kapoor when he was running around America promoting Slumdog Millionaire. He has always enjoyed a chat. In Mission Impossible 4 he plays a billionaire playboy and we discuss the art of seduction in the movies.

Anil and his seductress Paula Patton

24’s Chloe hangs up her mouse – Mary Lynn Rajskub

Actually lost in the all the LOST hoopla is 24 which comes to an end as well. There won’t be any big 24 parties and we know at the end Jack Bauer’s father won’t guide him into shining light. Arguably Jack Bauer has lived in his own purgatory for the last 8 years. Always trying to do good, but in constant conflict of what is good. At least we know there will eventually be a 24 movie which is some sort of a consolation.

It has been a great last few episodes as we come to an end. Jack is on a rampage to avenge the death of Renee Walker. Chloe is trying to piece it all together.

Below are some interviews I did at the beginning of the 24 season. It’s always great catching up with Mary Lynn Rajskub – a relaxed actress who seems to enjoy playing Chloe.


Here is an interview with Annie Wersching who played Renee Walker. Unfortunately she didn’t make it but she turned Jack Bauer into a slaughtering machine. This actress should be fine. She is a beautiful looking lady.


Keifer Sutherland rips me to shreds – stern but precise


With the terrible news that Jack Bauer might no longer be on our television screens after this season I thought I’d better hurry up and get this video to you. It was at the 24 Red Carpet premiere in New York City. I was so excited to see Jack Bauer in the flesh that I ripped the nail of my index finger off as I was leaving my house…this gave me extra focus on the red carpet as I felt like Jack Bauer. With pain running through my body I awaited to talk to one of the great TV characters of this century. Before the very pixie-like Keifer got to me on the red carpet he was being interviewed by Indian news crews. 24 is a massive show on the streets of Mumbai and Keifer wanted to focus during his interview with them. I chatted briefly with a fine Wall Street Journal reporter about how we would conduct ourselves in front of the main dude from CTU. I was going to cover moving the show to New York City and the fact he wore a dress on Dave Letterman the night before.

My seemingly quiet discussion lead Keifer to do a head swivel and then he let rip……


I was watching 24 Redemption the other day. This is the telemovie that gets us back up to speed with what is going to happen in the coming season of 24. Read full story »

The next 24 villain – Jon Voight…watch him talk in circles

Poor old Jack Bauer. He had a year off TV and went off and hid in Africa. Little did he know the country he was hiding out in was getting attacked by a bunch of folk who have their weapons bought by jon Voight’s character. Read full story »