Snagging Samuel L Jackson

I went along to the red carpet for the HBO series, “Show me a Hero”. I got talking to a wonderful woman called LaTanya Jackson. As you see in the video above she has plenty of spunk. She is also the wife of movie legend, Samuel L Jackson. He attended the event like any good husband should do and support his Mrs. He was standing cool against a wall like a bad mo fo. Midway through my interview with LaTanya I thought I’d try an old red carpet move where I would get him inserted in the interview. This move worked where I was able to get them discussing his brilliant movies. Although they didn’t really understand where I was going with the turning point in his career. I suggested that pre-Pulp Fiction he played villains, then post Pulp, he became a hero. Nonetheless like a proud wife, LaTanya did say that Samuel was the most memorable part of Coming to America.

Take a look at the scene as it is awesome…. and a shout out to my old buddy Louie Anderson who is behind the counter!