Seth Rogen laughs and yarns 50/50 with the writer

In the movie 50/50 Seth Rogen does a good job as the funny sidekick in a drama that is driven by the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Finding out he has cancer Gordon-Levitt’s character’s world falls a part but his spirits are lifted by the consistent ball gags and coaching to shag by Seth Rogen’s character.

I caught up with Seth on the red carpet and also chatted with the writer of the movie Will Reiser. The film is based on Will’s experiences when he got cancer.


I also chatted with the director of the movie Jonathan Levine. I used to stay with a mate of mine Swanno in LA when I would cover the Oscars. Levine used to live in the bungalow in the backyard. He was one focused dude writing a hell of a lot. This was a cool reunion….