Rachel McAdams is a great kisser and Eric Bana – VIDEO

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I am a dribbling mess when talking to hot actresses and this Rachel McAdams is one lady that fires me up. I went along and saw her new movie, The Time Traveller’s Wife and took the Mrs to show her my sensitive side. This is a chick flick but also a sure fire winning film to get you out of the doghouse if your wife or girlfriend has put you there.

Take her to a cheap dinner, order a cheap bottle of wine from a European country or even California and then go and see this movie. If you are real good make yourself cry during a few scenes in the movie. Later that night you will have her eating out of your hand – this movie will make her fall for you again and the bottle of wine you made her drink will help.

And what ever you do don’t say the time travel stuff confused you.

Check out the video below when I caught up with one of the hottest girls in Hollywood, Canadian Rachel McAdams. I also grab a couple of words with Eric Bana who has his wife on his arms. The reference to the St Kilda Football Club is his favorite team that a doing very well in the Aussie Rules team this season. I personally think he has jinxed them and they will choke.