Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final interview at a Sundance red carpet

As a fan of movies it is sad when someone passes who plays a vital cog in the telling of a ripping story. Philip Seymour Hoffman was more than a vital cog. He was a big huge motor that also provided the oil for others to shine. He was often forgotten in films as his hard work as an actor made him invisible. From Boogie Nights to Magnolia to the Big Lebowski to even Along Came Polly, Hoffman managed to make it look effortless as he played back up to the lead actors, helping the story propel forward.

In God’s Pocket, one of two films that Hoffman had in the can before his passing, he plays the lead. He looks tired in this movie but maybe that was how he wanted the character to be played. He plays a small-time friendly crook who fails a lot in the film but just tries to make things right. He also had another film at the festival called A Man Most Wanted.

Philip didn’t really want to talk to the press and was forced upon me as I asked him a couple of questions. At the end I ask if he wanted to relax at Sundance where he threw his hands in the air highlighting that he was relaxed right now. It doesn’t really print for a radio interview but it was a funny moment as he walked away into a crowd of backslappers and fans.