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Ricky Gervais Ghostown Premiere Toronto with Brad Blanks

I was lucky enough to make it to Toronto for the Film Festival. All the big stars were there – Anne Hathaway, Keira knightley, Rachel McAdams. Read full story »

Lowlight and Highlight of 2011 – Aniston & Gervais

2011 was an interesting year. An appetizer to a much bigger leap/Olympic year in 2012.

I had a lot of lowlights and the odd highlight in 2011 interviewing people.

Early on in the year I managed to secure my lowest of lowlights…..or maybe it is a highlight. I managed to scare the heck out of Jennifer Aniston….

And then later on in the year I reckon I found the highlight when I ran into Ricky Gervais again. This could also be called a lowlight when reflecting on the language we both used on each other while standing on a red carpet. Already looking forward to him hosting the Golden Globes again in a few weeks.

Gervais smashes it again

What happened the other night at the Golden Globes was the spray Hollywood needed. And Gervais was the man to do it. A man who secretly loves Hollywood as seen with his use of Hollywood celebrities in Extras, he carried on that love affair the other evening in a way only he knows how; by stripping the stars back and smashing them. He must be chuckling to himself how he has managed to create a global controversy.

Here is one of my run-ins with Gervais for the premiere of his movie Ghostown where he aptly describes my head. WATCH…

The Gervais pre-interview moment

Before I did the epic Gervais interview I was nervously waiting in the HBO lobby. I knew he was going to somehow come up with a new way to describe my head…. Read full story »

Louis CK stars in his own show Louie

Louie is a new show from one of America’s finest comedians. It premieres on FX June 29th. The show weaves elements of Louis’ stand up routine with short films about his life raising two daughters, attempting to meet women and what to do as a 42 year old single father.

In the third episode you will see Ricky Gervais guest star as a doctor.

Louis CK had a red carpet premiere in New York City at Caroline’s Comedy Club on Broadway. Fellow comedians Robert Kelly and Nick DiPaulo turned up who also star in the FX sitcom.