I recently went along to the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year event. It’s a great night out in New York City. Every year I turn up, drink beers with old friends, and usually end up holding the camera for mates of mine who want photos with their sporting idols.

This year the award was pretty easily awarded to Michael Phelps. 8 gold medals is an alright year wouldn’t ya’ say.

Phelps’ year has only got better with him rumored to have been seeing a beautiful cocktail waitress from the Palms Casino. She is the from the same part of the casino as George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend. So you cant fault Michael for going to the same cupboard as the Cloonster.

The big news was that he might of taken his girlfriend Carolynn Pal back to his mum Debbie’s house for Thanksgiving. That would of been a tough meeting. Trying to impress Debbie the mother would be a tough task for any girl.

I’m proud of Phelpsie – he has won 8 gold medals and now dates a hot cocktail waitress, eats a lot, hangs out in Vegas and is getting good at poker. Which lead me to the conclusion – Michael Phelps, Olympic Champion is now FAT……


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And if you saw this photo last week floating around the web take another look. Is that Caz Pal or not? Phelps claimed it is a girl that the papparazi use to walk with him as they take snaps. I think he may be right.