Keifer Sutherland rips me to shreds – stern but precise


With the terrible news that Jack Bauer might no longer be on our television screens after this season I thought I’d better hurry up and get this video to you. It was at the 24 Red Carpet premiere in New York City. I was so excited to see Jack Bauer in the flesh that I ripped the nail of my index finger off as I was leaving my house…this gave me extra focus on the red carpet as I felt like Jack Bauer. With pain running through my body I awaited to talk to one of the great TV characters of this century. Before the very pixie-like Keifer got to me on the red carpet he was being interviewed by Indian news crews. 24 is a massive show on the streets of Mumbai and Keifer wanted to focus during his interview with them. I chatted briefly with a fine Wall Street Journal reporter about how we would conduct ourselves in front of the main dude from CTU. I was going to cover moving the show to New York City and the fact he wore a dress on Dave Letterman the night before.

My seemingly quiet discussion lead Keifer to do a head swivel and then he let rip……