Jenna Elfman debates if Friends with Benefits is a good thing

Friends with Benefits….well I’ve learned that a few single people out there have been dabbling in this very exciting thing that unfortunately never happened to me when I was walking around the streets of my home town. I definitely walked a lot of girls home from school and somehow became endearing enough to be their friend and a beneficiary of benefits. My benefits would mostly be the girl’s mother serving me some cookies and milk.

So I was shocked to learn that the phenomena actually exists and they’ve made a movie about it. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis star in the movie Friends with Benefits which kind of slaps the face of the whole concept. I thought benefitting a friend would be more about the fact that one of the friends actually struggles to get laid. It seems that these two actors both could easily get laid just going down the street to buy a loaf of bread. They are probably sick of benefits by now. This movie could of been more aspirational if the guy wasn’t a former member of N Sync but maybe the old Jonah Hill, pre weight loss, with Mila Kunis. Then again the old Jonah Hill’s bedroom door was swinging hard back then. He was knocking over Emma Stone (also in this movie a bit) in Superbad and he didn’t even have to be her friend.

I caught up with Jenna Elfman to chat about the whole concept. She is very striking. WATCH….fair look on her below…….was it something I said????