I’m bigger than Arnie

Back in November 2002 I interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was for the re-release of Pumping Iron. I was very excited to interview one of my heroes of the big screen. The interview started awkwardly because Arnie mistook my sadness for me being cocky. I was sad for the fact I was nearly a foot taller than the great man. As the interview progressed I bent my knees and things became markedly better. A quick lesson in no Hollywood star wants to be seen next to a tall person.

11 years later, already a two term governor of California, a child to the Mexican nanny and a divorce (his not mine) I was in front of the great man again. It was for the movie Sabotage. We may as well not mention the movie due to the fact it tanked at the box office and Arnie may never star in another Hollywood film. Besides that point, I was just happy to stand, with bent knees in front of the Terminator again.

Have a look….