Eli Manning does not shoot himself in leg – PLAXICO BURRESS AFFAIR

In two quick weeks the New York Giants are playing football like they were exactly a year ago – not very good. And we all know what happened then – they became good real quick. So maybe they are just re-reading their strategy from last year! I caught up with Eli two weeks ago before this slide happened. It was right in the middle of the whole Plaxico Burress story and this was what everyone wanted to talk about. When you watch this interview you will see the same stock standard answers about Plaxico shooting himself in the leg. Of course Eli and everyone else said it wouldn’t be a distraction. Two losses later we could now say the bullet in the leg is kind of distracting.

Other than that Eli was a lot happier than when I last met him Miami at the lead up festivities for his own brother Superbowl in February 2007. Now Eli is super confident, the man who won the Giants a Superbowl. The other guy who won the Giants the Superbowl shot himself in the leg.

The below interview was done on the red carpet for Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year event. There is a photo of Phelps and Manning below. They look like brothers more than Peyton and Eli!!!


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Plaxico’s life has gone to the top in early February this year to the bottom recently. Here is a video of me celebrating Eli throw and Plaxico’s catch at the Superbowl in Arizona.