Drew Barrymore lives in squalor but is still hot

Drew Barrymore is an actress I’ve loved since she was little Gertie in ET. Then she had a wild time in her teens. When she was 13 years of age she was doing stuff that I wouldn’t discover until later in life. Let’s just say she was an early bloomer. She has had a funny old life. She married Tom Green and then got out 5 months down the track. She went out with one of the cool dudes with messy hair from the Strokes. And then the last few years she has been laying around with Justin Long, the Apple Mac guy. He is great fella and I thought they might be a great old couple. Apparently this has fizzled too until he walked the red carpet the other night of her new HBO movie Grey Gardens. Even if they are “just friends” lets hope they are still helping each other out with benefits. Why not? She is hot.

The movie also stars Jessica Lange and they play mother and daughter, the Bouvier Beales. Drew is Little Edie and the movie is remake of the famous documentary of the early 70’s about these ladies who live in the Hamptons in a mansion watching the place go downhill. They are Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ first cousin.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO and watch how I would have really liked to have told Jessica Lange to piss off…..

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Looking smoking here at the LA Premiere…