Daniel Craig – James Bond with Brad Blanks….a little touchy

People get emotional when talking about James Bond. They even like or dislike the current James Bond, Daniel Craig. I thought the last James Bond movie was different, but awesome. He brought a lot of anger and ferocity to James Bond.

For Daniel Craig this is a role of a lifetime. He was once a guy making small films that were great. He was solid in Layer Cake, especially when he grabbed a hold of Sienna Miller. Judging by that scene it was concluded that he would do a great job of holding down the fleeting romance’s that Bond usually collects as he travels the world.

I was pretty pumped to get a chance to have a quick chat with Daniel Craig on the red carpet in New York City.

Also keep watching for another Robert De Niro appearance at the end.

Leave a comment below of what you think of Daniel Craig.


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