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Game of Thrones crew help me out

When I did the following interviews I had seen a mere 6 episodes in total of Game of Thrones. This was the season 4 Premiere red carpet in New York City. So as you will see I am a little out of the loop. As the season four finale is done and aired I am happy to say I am now officially an expert. I have fully caught up and look back at these interviews shaking my head. There was some innocence about me though! Or maybe it was stupidity.

Watch this very funny bunch of actors from Game of Thrones as they help me with what is actually going on in this fantastic TV show on HBO. Check out Bran… what a great bloke.

Kevin Spacey was being honored by the Museum of Moving Image in New York City. It was a great moment to be in the company of Frank Underwood. We discuss his career at the moment and the ability to get his head into that Ellen selfie at the Oscars. Also for political buffs there is a catch for you at the very end!


And why did he mention John Stamos? Surely he wasn’t at the Oscars!

George RR Martin has been in television for a long time. Yet he had to write millions of words and put it into a few books to get the big break he was chasing. Now the South Park crew write a songs dedicated to him called Floppy Wieners. He is a the brains behind the Game of Thrones books and I manage to snag a chat about where he gets his ideas from and if he enjoyed the floppy wiener song. By the way here is a taste of the song….

And here is the interview with George.

And if you want a little more George he even taps into his brain to let me know where the Malaysian Flight 370 might be.

The loose crew from Game of Thrones Special Edition

At the stage of these interviews I’d only watched 6 episodes of the mighty show Game of Thrones. I am now on the way to setting up a massive binge this weekend. I am loving this show. Check out this piece I did with some really funny members of this show.


I’m bigger than Arnie

Back in November 2002 I interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was for the re-release of Pumping Iron. I was very excited to interview one of my heroes of the big screen. The interview started awkwardly because Arnie mistook my sadness for me being cocky. I was sad for the fact I was nearly a foot taller than the great man. As the interview progressed I bent my knees and things became markedly better. A quick lesson in no Hollywood star wants to be seen next to a tall person.

11 years later, already a two term governor of California, a child to the Mexican nanny and a divorce (his not mine) I was in front of the great man again. It was for the movie Sabotage. We may as well not mention the movie due to the fact it tanked at the box office and Arnie may never star in another Hollywood film. Besides that point, I was just happy to stand, with bent knees in front of the Terminator again.

Have a look….


Russell Crowe even thinks NOAH was a bit nuts

NOAH has proven it’s self at the box office making a load of cash to put it Number 1 in the US. This is another feather in the cap of Russell Crowe, as this movie could of been the film to destabilize an illustrious career so far. Rusty was in pretty good spirits at the red carpet in New York City. Why wouldn’t he be? He had his good mate James Packer there with him and the red carpet couldn’t get enough of the poetic Crowe.

I managed to get a few moments with him and he was opened up about Sunday school and the madness of the bloke with all the animals.

Have a look….

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.33.21 PM

Aaron Paul loves the pressure

This is my first interview with Aaron Paul. As a fan of Breaking Bad it was super cool to get in front of this fella for a yarn.

We have a great chat about his new movie NEED FOR SPEED. I attempted to wear a suit jacket and a tie for this interview.


George Clooney used to be a painter…well sort of.

George Clooney directs and stars in the movie The Monuments Men. I went along to the red carpet where two of the the greats turned up, John Goodman and Bill Murray. These guys looked like they were having a great time making this.

I managed to get next to the Cloonster and have a nice yarn about his lack of passion for art. He also mentions his producing partner Grant Heslov who found the book the movie is based on and George’s dad, Nick gets a mention.

James Lipton still loves his guy Bradley Cooper

James Lipton looked in great shape at the American Hustle red carpet. He is very proud of his former student Bradley Cooper who donned a decent perm in the movie. I caught up with Mr Lipton to get an update on Cooper’s career development.

Dimitrios Kambouris

Ivana Milisevic needs a massage

BANSHEE is the show and Ivana is the heroine. This show’s first season is brilliant. A cracking crime story where a fella get’s out of jail and goes to seek his old girlfriend. Ivana Milisevic stars as a woman trying to have a quiet life but gets sucked back into the world she has been hiding from. In the following interview she is a bit sore from some of the fighting stunts she has to do when filming the show. She calls upon my expert touch.

You can catch the second season on Friday night on Cinemax.