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Learn how to party from 2 Chainz

This was one of my favorite interviews of the year. The gentleman I met is called 2Chainz. I didn’t know much about him. He looked like he really knew how to party. This year I wanted to learn new things and you can always party a little smarter. I hope you learn as much as I did from this interview.

USA Soccer fans crushed after draw!

The World Cup is the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday I went along to Jack Dempsey’s on 33rd street and was a part of the crowd when team USA went 2-1 up on Portugal. The chants at the end were “one more minute” but that didn’t work! Ronaldo’s cross and Varela’s header broke the heart of American fans across the country to tie the game. Outside the bar people were sad and angry.

Take a listen to one feisty fan who has some inspirational words for the upcoming game against Germany.

Kevin Spacey was being honored by the Museum of Moving Image in New York City. It was a great moment to be in the company of Frank Underwood. We discuss his career at the moment and the ability to get his head into that Ellen selfie at the Oscars. Also for political buffs there is a catch for you at the very end!


And why did he mention John Stamos? Surely he wasn’t at the Oscars!

Cate Blanchett talks being terrible once

I caught up with fellow Australian Cate Blanchett to talk about her long and healthy career. She was being honored at the New York Film Festival. Her latest role is in the Woody Allen movie Blue Jasmine. There was no sign of Woody but we did spot Cate Blanchett’s child hanging out in a tux. At the end of the interview I ask about her first acting role on Australian television as a young actress.

Kentucky Derby Bugler – Man about town!

Every year I go and check in on my mate, Steve Buttleman. He is the Kentucky Derby bugler. I reckon he is the unsung hero of the Derby. Every day he walks around in his red suit and black hat, blowing his customary pre-race tune. Come Derby Day, he gets pushed to the side a bit by the big guns and celebrity national anthem singers. I took to the horse racing community to see if there was love for the little guy…

Brad Blanks with the Kentucky Derby Bugle Guy from Brad Blanks on Vimeo.

Tracy McMillan tells you how to get married!

NBC have rolled out a dating show called Ready For Love. One of the matchmakers on the show is Tracy McMillan. She is a TV writer who shot to worldwide blog fame by writing a very cutting piece on Huffington Post, titled Why You’re Not Married Yet . I thought I’d better hear what this woman has to say about getting hitched. Have a listen…

March 1st is here and the thing they call the sequestration is upon us. I met with some New York political experts to discuss this massive political issue to get them to help me with what it means for the nation.

Take a listen…..

Here are some more experts, one a foreign diplomat…..

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins an Emmy for VEEP

Congratulations to Julia for winning an Emmy in her role as the VP of the USA in the HBO show, VEEP. Here is a chat with her at the red carpet for the show…..long before anyone thought she would win an EMMY!

It’s been a fantastic week at Royal Ascot with all roads leading to the final day to see Black Caviar run in the Silver Jubilee Stakes. Black Caviar are the biggest two words in Australia but I wanted to see what this name means to the English after a long day at Royal Ascot.

My report on the ladies at Royal Ascot was a feature on the Hamish and Andy show around Australia.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN….to the segment

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If you are on an Iphone Click here….. Blanks Royal Ascot

Nick Nolte is at the Oscars and whenever he has popped up he has created magic. The bloke should be hosting the big night!

A few years back at the Sundance Film Festival I had a wonderful chat with Nick Nolte. He solves the world’s problems in the below inteview.

Have a listen to the legend Nolte.

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