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USA Soccer fans crushed after draw!

The World Cup is the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday I went along to Jack Dempsey’s on 33rd street and was a part of the crowd when team USA went 2-1 up on Portugal. The chants at the end were “one more minute” but that didn’t work! Ronaldo’s cross and Varela’s header broke the heart of American fans across the country to tie the game. Outside the bar people were sad and angry.

Take a listen to one feisty fan who has some inspirational words for the upcoming game against Germany.

World Cup Blog Post – Head to Brooklyn for Brazilian fans

As my World Cup tour of New York City continues I went out to investigate where all the Brazilian fans are hanging out. The pub is called Miss Favellas and I immediately loved it. I felt like i was in a rum shack in the Caribbean and then you look out the window and all you can see is the Williamsburg Bridge. The place got very full and it was tough to get a drink when the match started. However, Miss Favellas had a great vibe and if Brazil go on a run through the World Cup this place would be a cracker to have some solid sessions in.

Check out my video as I hope to see a load of Brazilian women there doing the samba….

Address: Wythe Ave + South 5th Street, Brooklyn….a bit of a walk from Bedford subway.

World Cup Blog Post – USA fans go crazy

What a World Cup this is. Germany getting beaten, Spain getting beaten and then an amazing match with USA v Slovenia. I wanted to get into the middle of hard core USA fans. I made my way to Jack Dempsey’s on 33rd St between 5th and 6th ave. I got there a bit late so if you are going to the next USA match get there early. I managed to find a top spot upstairs in the corner by the bar. The beers were flowing and the US fans started the soccer songs. This was the future of American soccer and they were proud and fierce for the match.

I was saddled up next to a fella named Thomas. He was in his 40’s and had forearms bigger than Popeye’s. He was originally from Glasgow, Scotland and his first words to me were “Are you from f**king English?”. All I could think about was how lucky I was that my wife wasn’t with me. When he realized I was from Australia he told me how he has a few brothers living in Sydney. It seemed like Thomas had been in the US for a long time as he sang the star spangled banner with pride and when the match started he was the most vocal USA fan in the pub.

The pub was packed downstairs and upstairs and is a great venue to watch the World Cup. The drinks flowed and passion was unbeatable. There was massive emotion in this game where the USA came back from 2 nil down. Arguably they should of won the match.

In the video you will see Thomas, the Scotsman who is now American. He gets a bit angry! Please excuse Tommy’s f- bombs… is the World Cup!

Christiano Ronaldo has had a plentiful career. He has kicked lots of goals, had amazing success playing for Manchester United, plays for Real Madrid and has represented Portugal at a few World Cups. He has also been pretty good at getting a lady or two. The gossip columns loved it when he got a hold of Paris Hilton. And then loved it even more when he dabbled with Kim Kardashian. I took my hat off to him on that one.

Now they say he is firmly hooked up. The girl that he has snagged is as far as I am concerned the ultimate WAG. Crouch from England has a good WAG but more about her later in the tournament. Ronaldo is hanging with Irini Shayk, one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. She is an exotic cross between Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.

Irina has been featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition for three years and she doesn’t let anyone down with her impressive work ethic. Ronaldo might be a bit sore in the legs these days but having the soft but firm hands of Irina in your corner after a game has got to bring a dash of happiness.

I caught up with her for a chat last year. She actually says she will only date a man with six pack abs!

WATCH the hot Irina, Ronaldo’s lady….

Once again my head is exploding in this photo…..she is a funny lady.

I wanted to be around crazy Italians for their first World Cup match and managed to get the tip off from my mate Chief. He said his buddy owns an Italian restaurant in Soho. I jumped on the subway and made my way down to the hip and trendy part of New York World Cup pub viewing. In this little area of downtown New York you have some of the smartest bars to watch the World Cup. West Broadway between Broome St and Grand St has all the great soccer nations represented from Brazil, Argentina and France. This is one area where you will see super hot model chicks cheering for their team. It can be a lot prettier than the fellas in a 3rd avenue Irish bar. There are moments later in the tournament when you will need those guys in their Irish pubs. You have to find a balance between venues at the World Cup.

Chief’s restaurant selection for the Italy V Paraguay match led me to Via Dei Mille. I turned up 15 minutes before kickoff and got a seat easily. The waitress moved gracefully and I was sucking on a Peroni before I wiped the excitement-driven beads of sweat from my forehead. The crowd was made up of Italians from Italy, Italians from Jersey and Italians from Brooklyn.

The atmosphere was party-like until Paraguay scored the first goal and the Italians went quiet. Luckily they equalized. They went crazy, with the owner of the place, Giuseppe, jumping on his own bar and screaming at the top of his voice. It’s his bar, he can do what he wants.

The next Italy game is this Sunday at 10 am against New Zealand. This place would be a great venue to get in early for brunch. And if you wanted to turn it into an all day session you would just roll through that whole neighborhood to watch the following Brazil match.

Here is some video from the Via Dei Mille…

World Cup Blog Post – Australian Bar was rocking

Waking up today was a heck of a lot different than waking up yesterday. As an Aussie sports supporter you are engrained with eternal optimism. After our drubbing by the Germans yesterday a mate of mine, Bazza from Geelong, texted me on how the Socceroos are going to make it to the next stage of the World Cup. His text read, the Socceroos have to A: play better B: get the ball in the net C: stop the other team getting the ball in the net. He’s a sharp guy my mate Bazza.

Although we weren’t meant to win yesterday against the Germans it wasn’t going to stop us from having hope and of course drinking a load of beers. The day before the Americans scored a goal against the English when they weren’t meant to. The phrase “scored a goal” is a little dubious. They may as well handed the ball to the English goalkeeper and asked him to walk it over the line.

Sunday morning, before the big match, I stayed at home attempting to be a good husband and father. My son and I watched football all morning. I turned the volume of the TV up in the hope the controversial vuvuzela’s would somehow put the kid to sleep. That didn’t work, just made him more hyperactive. While looking after the kid I was trying to gauge if the Mrs actually knew I was heading to the pub for a massive soccer match between my homeland and the Krauts.

It got to Noon when I handed the baby to my lovely wife and said that I have to head to pub to watch the football. She asked “What game”
“Australia v Germany”
She quickly says “That’s at 2.30”
I knew then that I was in a bit of strife of getting out of the house early. I attempted to clean around the house for half an hour. This didn’t soften the wrath as I walked out at 12.30pm. I knew I was in some sort of doghouse.

It was a quick walk to the The Australian Bar on 38th st btwn 5th and 6th ave owned by Matty Astil. It was packed and rocking by the time I got here. Full of green and gold it was like being back home in Australia and a serious Sunday session was beginning. Matty, the owner, by game time wasn’t letting people in, with a line forming outside. The place was rocking and jampacked.

The crowd sang the Aussie national anthem with gusto and cheered the match as it kicked off. By the time the German’s slotted the 3rd goal people were crying in their beers. After the game finished, although a bit disgruntled with getting well and truly flogged, the party kicked on. The Mrs came and picked me up, helping me stumbled home. Woke up this morning to watch the Danes V Dutchies and the Mrs was alright with me.

Wipe the slate clean and start again fresh the next day. The spirit of the World Cup. Now the Socceroos have to do that. And maybe take my mate Bazza’s advice; play better, ball in net, other team no ball in net.

NOTE: Let me know where you are watching your games around the world. Send me a couple of pics the pub your watching the World Cup in.

World Cup Blog Post – Found the Mexicans….just

It was damn hard last night to find a Mexican joint to show the opening match of the World Cup – Mexico v Sth Africa; the goal was to find a Mexican restaurant full of Mexicans. I rang the El Coyote restaurant in Queens which said they were going to open late in the day to show the French v Uruguay game. Not much Mexican patriotism from a Mexican restaurant. I got caught in a rain shower on the streets of New York last night with a Nicaraguan and he told me to get myself to East Harlem and around 116th st to watch the match.

I made my way to East Harlem and found a Mexican restaurant called the El Paso. It was empty but they had some waitresses walking around in Mexican jersey’s and some Mexico T-Shirts. I later found out the girls in the T-Shirts were from the Dominican Republic but had been to Cancun once and claimed that made them Mexican. If that was the case I was more Mexican than them as I had been there three times.

The El Paso restaurant had about ten people on their patio out back to watch the games. They had all the flags of the World Cup teams on the wall which looked quite pretty until I realized they didn’t have an Australian flag. Somehow they had managed to purchase a New Zealand flag. Where the hell did they find that?

Out on the patio they had their HD TV going but somehow Telemundo doesn’t come in too well on the old HD so it was a bit fuzzy but bearable. There was only one Mexican watching the game with us. He managed to seduce the waitress into letting us all drink beer at Half time. The Mondelo’s started coming out. A delicious beer that I proceeded to smash for the second half which was tense as Mexico had played good but Sth Africa was on top with an exciting goal. All us non-Mexican’s on the bandwagon were depressed when the Sth Africans scored. Mexico finally managed to score but a somber atmosphere after the match.

A good start to the World Cup and a venue that will deliver as the event rolls on. More Mexicans next time and at least some old guy wearing sombrero would be nice. Will be back there for the next game! El Paso on 116th st btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave.

My excitement of watching the match alone…..WATCH….

I love my Mexican beans……great food.

World Cup – Excitement builds before kickoff

The day has finally come. I can’t contain my excitement. The World Cup is one of the great treasures along with the Olympics which gets thrown up every four years. It’s a heck of a debate which event is more fun. Tomorrow morning I will be sitting in some Mexican bar in the New York area eating nachos at 10am and drinking a Corona….the World Cup gives you permission to have a nachos beer breakfast. My goal is to seek out the best venues in New York to watch this glorius event.

Four years ago I was in Germany celebrating the World Cup with my fellow Australian soccer fans. We all drank German beer and faked our way through football chants. On the day of the Brazil Australia match we stood back and saluted the Brazilian fans for the quality of chants, songs and partying before a game. As we grew more confident with each stein of beer skulled we began to mix with our new Brazillian friends. Just before kickoff green and gold was mixed in with Brazil’s green and yellow. Only before a World Cup match would you see Aussies riding plastic blowup kangaroos as they attempt to samba with beautiful barely clothed Brazilian ladies. Wish I took a photo of that but it’s pretty hard when you have both hands on a blow up kangaroo.

This World Cup I am starting my global campaign in New York City. I will attempt to go deep into the fan’s pubs, drink beer and leave happy that I cheered for Mexico, Paraguay or Slovenia. I won’t be supporting the Serbs or the Germans as they are in our group.

I know I am going to have some hiccups along the way to watch every game in a pub. The Mrs and looking after my ten month son will keep me honest but I will be doing my best to keep the spirit of the World Cup flowing on the streets of this baseball-loving city of New York.

Tomorrow I seek a Mexican pub to kickoff the next four weeks……

Check out these Dutch T-shirts. I flogged this off Drew Carey’s twitter page. The bottom player looks like Rooney from England. Who are the other dudes? Cool T Shirts though.