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As a fan of movies it is sad when someone passes who plays a vital cog in the telling of a ripping story. Philip Seymour Hoffman was more than a vital cog. He was a big huge motor that also provided the oil for others to shine. He was often forgotten in films as his hard work as an actor made him invisible. From Boogie Nights to Magnolia to the Big Lebowski to even Along Came Polly, Hoffman managed to make it look effortless as he played back up to the lead actors, helping the story propel forward.

In God’s Pocket, one of two films that Hoffman had in the can before his passing, he plays the lead. He looks tired in this movie but maybe that was how he wanted the character to be played. He plays a small-time friendly crook who fails a lot in the film but just tries to make things right. He also had another film at the festival called A Man Most Wanted.

Philip didn’t really want to talk to the press and was forced upon me as I asked him a couple of questions. At the end I ask if he wanted to relax at Sundance where he threw his hands in the air highlighting that he was relaxed right now. It doesn’t really print for a radio interview but it was a funny moment as he walked away into a crowd of backslappers and fans.


James Lipton still loves his guy Bradley Cooper

James Lipton looked in great shape at the American Hustle red carpet. He is very proud of his former student Bradley Cooper who donned a decent perm in the movie. I caught up with Mr Lipton to get an update on Cooper’s career development.

Dimitrios Kambouris

Ivana Milisevic needs a massage

BANSHEE is the show and Ivana is the heroine. This show’s first season is brilliant. A cracking crime story where a fella get’s out of jail and goes to seek his old girlfriend. Ivana Milisevic stars as a woman trying to have a quiet life but gets sucked back into the world she has been hiding from. In the following interview she is a bit sore from some of the fighting stunts she has to do when filming the show. She calls upon my expert touch.

You can catch the second season on Friday night on Cinemax.

Judd Apatow finally gets to write for The Simpsons

Judd Apatow is the producer of Girls. He walked the red carpet the other night so I was able to get a few words with this comedy mogul. We kick it off with the success of Anchorman 2. Then we discuss Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street. At the end we bring it home with his great life moment. Finally getting a Simpsons script produced that he wrote 20 years ago.

Lena Dunham talks Nude Ping Pong – Girls

Lena Dunham was all dolled up at her very own red carpet for the GIRLS Season 3 Premiere. She says that her character Hannah is in a good space for a few episodes of the next season. I was more fascinated by the craziness of last season’s naked ping pong scene. She has a few words to say about that inspirational moment on TV.


Allison Williams is one striking woman and already has the sense of humor of her father. When she appeared in front of me at the Girls Season 3 premiere I was quite taken aback. Definitely a young lady in control of her situation and on the front foot while talking to me. Her character Marnie ended in a good spot at the end of Season 2 but with her fella leaving the show, the wheels quickly fall off in her Girls world.


Buzz Aldrin wants you on Mars

It’s always been one of my goals to interview the great Buzz Aldrin. An old school astronaut who stuck his head in a fish bowl and jumped around on the moon. I managed to headlock him into an interview. We discuss planets, his passion to get us humans to Mars and what sort of person makes a perfect space traveller. I have a feeling I wouldn’t make the cut.

Here’s Buzz….for any kids out there, not Lightyear, ALDRIN.

Cate Blanchett talks being terrible once

I caught up with fellow Australian Cate Blanchett to talk about her long and healthy career. She was being honored at the New York Film Festival. Her latest role is in the Woody Allen movie Blue Jasmine. There was no sign of Woody but we did spot Cate Blanchett’s child hanging out in a tux. At the end of the interview I ask about her first acting role on Australian television as a young actress.

Ricky Gervais calls me a Wookie and talks DEREK

Ricky Gervais has DEREK exclusively on Netflix. I chatted to him at his very own red carpet. I attempt to keep this interview on the straight and narrow but obviously it takes some twists and turns.

Flight of the Conchords are currently on the Oddball Comedy tour with Dave Chappelle. I caught up with Bret McKenzie, the other half of the Conchords, to find out what went down at the controversial show in Hartford Conneticut. Also great to yarn with Bret about being an Oscar winner for his music for the Muppet movie.