Baz Luhrmann and his wife at the AUSTRALIA premiere in New York City

Baz Luhrmann is like a mad genius. He lays it on the line everytime and somehow makes big crazy movies. He is married to Catherine Martin who has won a couple of Oscars for designing the clothes in Moulin Rouge and making the set. The movie Australia is a big long movie with the occassional great moment. Being an Aussie I went in this with the lowest expectations possible and found some moments quite enjoyable and funny. As much as Luhrmann says in the interview below that this movie is more than a love story, it is one. My advice to fellas out there – your women will like this movie for the sheer fact Hugh Jackman takes his top off. Unfortunately for the men they won’t be turned on by Nicole Kidman. It’s a chick flick and don’t let anyone else tell ya different. Not even Baz!

Anyway here is Catherine Martin and old Baz having a yarn below. He seems a bit tired.


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