Ashley Greene, hot vampire, takes it all off for Sports Illustrated


Back amongst all the Twilight New Moon madness everyone was talking about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the wolf kid Taylor Lautner. Thats all I really cared about too on the day I was summoned to Los Angeles to interview them. However something strange happened. My first interview was with the chick who plays Alice in the movie.

Playing Edward Cullen’s sister Alice didn’t start out being a big role in the first Twilight but by the end of New Moon people stood up and asked “Who is this hot piece of vampire?” Well that’s what I said.

I was thrust into an interview room at the Four Season’s Hotel in Beverly Hills where I was made to interview Ashley Greene. The first thing I realised was how hot she was. She looked a hell of a lot better than Alice in the movie. Take a look below at the video of me getting flustered interviewing her. What a mess I was!

I’ve since seen her on red carpets in New York City and she is by far the best looking lady on them. She just has to leave her pet dog at home more….one of those little rat-like dogs that she dresses up in rainbow sweaters. I nearly stepped on it when I interviewed her.

Other people have discovered how hot she is. She will be appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covered in body paint. That hits shelves in early February. Before you get a hold of the one handed magazine you can check out the hot video of Ashley rolling around on a tree and on the beach naked….well covered in that pesky paint….if you have a good imagination you can get past the paint.

Check out the video….