Adam Sandler Jennifer Aniston are in awe of me! WATCH

In this silly red carpet business I am actually too big. My body is big, I’m too tall, my head is massive. Sometimes I scare stars, sometimes stars don’t want to be filmed with me because I make them look short! ie Arnie and Bruce Willis. What you are about to see is one of the things that can happen when you are this massive around Hollywood folk who are petite and slight in frame!

The New York Premiere for the movie JUST GO WITH IT stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. They both teamed up to conduct their interviews with the reporters. When two stars get together to do interviews it can go in any direction. This was bbviously a huge red carpet with the star power alone of Jennifer Aniston bringing every media outlet. In my red carpet spot it was getting very squashy and I was struggling to fit. So my cameraman buddy Preston could get a good shot of the stars I did my great move, the Hidden Blanks Crouching Reporter, and squatted in front of the beautiful Jennifer Aniston and the very funny Adam Sandler. This move on the red carpet confused them, left my legs very sore and me out of breath!