Hannah Davis sparked controversy with her too much torso photo on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. We catch up where figure out how she got those thumbs on the inside of her bikini bottoms and play the game, Thong, Naked or Body Paint?


Fine lady Felicity Jones talks Hawking

The Theory of Everything is firmly in my top 3 movies heading into the holiday season. I got to chat with Felicity Jones who plays Stephen Hawking’s wife in the movie. She is sensational in the film. We catch up and have a chat about pulling off comedy in a movie which is very much about a couple’s struggle.

Learn how to party from 2 Chainz

This was one of my favorite interviews of the year. The gentleman I met is called 2Chainz. I didn’t know much about him. He looked like he really knew how to party. This year I wanted to learn new things and you can always party a little smarter. I hope you learn as much as I did from this interview.

John Malkovich once touched an Octopus


Looking into the eyes of one of Hollywood’s greatest villainous actors is a scary ordeal. I first saw John Malkovich in the Clint Eastwood movie “In the Line of Fire” and he scared the heck out of me. That scene where he uses his wooden gun invention on an unsuspecting hunter/fisherman was chilling. Lucky for the President, Clint Eastwood saved the day.

Malkovich then popped up in the action-thriller “Con-Air”. He had the sadistic role of Cyrus The Virus Grissom where he thwarted Nic Cage’s plans of wanting to get home to his beloved family.

“Being John Malkovich” is the movie that took him into legendary status and underlined him as an actor that was to be taken seriously on film, and off it!

Malkovich’s latest role is far from drama, yet he is still the ultimate villain. He plays the role of “Dave the Octopus” in The Penguins of Madagascar, in theatres this Thanksgiving.

In my interview with Mr Malkovich we learn about how he prepared to play a cartoon character and his love for the octopus.

Eddie Redmayne will win the Oscar

I recently caught up with Eddie Redmayne at a small screening for his new movie The Theory Of Everything. He is definitely the toast of New York City. There are many screenings of the movie happening around town hosted by the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman in a bid to woo Oscar voters. And yes they will be woo’ed. It is a fantastic movie with a sterling performance from Redmayne, playing genius Dr Stephen Hawking. The movie is based on the book written by Hawking’s ex-wife, who is played by Felicity Jones, who brings comedy and heartbreak.

In the interview above I ask Eddie about Dr Hawking’s Simpson’s episode. Here is a great little vid on Hawking talking about that particular episode. How good is Homer’s line at the very end????

Bill Murray gives good advice

Bill Murray plays an angry old codger in his latest movie St Vincent. The film looks fantastic, where Bill becomes a babysitter. I was pumped to get the chance to chat with the great man. He had come off a wild weekend in Scotland where he played and partied with Rory McIlroy. At this golf pro-am he even took the stage at a party and belted out some tunes.

Bill is in the form of his life. WATCH this vid where I even get a little glimpse of what his “Cinderella Boy” speech in Caddyshack means to modern golfers today.

Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris talk murder

Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris star in the movie Gone Girl. I have made a point of not knowing anything about this movie before I see it. David Fincher knows how to add twists. The last time Fincher made a movie on marriage he put Gwyneth’s head in a box.

Check out the video below which also has Tyler Perry in it, who plays a Johnny Cochran-styled lawyer in the movie.


Steve Buscemi seems pretty happy

It was to be my 5th and final Boardwalk Empire Premiere. It has been a show that I have watched intently for it’s pedigree of writing, it’s historical perspective and it’s brilliant acting, especially from Buscemi. This man does not suffer fools in interviews so I kept this straight. I also ask him about his New York Firefighter documentary that you can see on HBO. Buscemi was a firefighter in the early 80′s.

The Cloud and your nude photos

It was a wild week in the world of celebrity. The photo hacking of the cloud sent alarm bells ringing throughout Hollywood. It was terrible what was exposed and it opened the question, Do you have nude photos in the cloud?

I went out on to the streets of New York City to find out if people were keeping nude photos of themselves in the cloud and what they thought about this latest hacking scandal.

And by the way it’s always a pleasure when I meet someone who’s name rhymes with a body part. (Hat off to Seinfeld!)

Robin Williams a true champion

MorkIt’s been a few weeks since the great Robin Williams passed away. In that time we also lost another great comic in Joan Rivers. Both forces of nature when it came to their own style of comedy.

At one stage in the late 70′s Robin Williams was the biggest TV star in the US. A few years later he became the biggest star in my homeland of Australia. Mork and Mindy was on 5 times a week in Australia and I would watch it daily at 5.30pm. Mork was like nothing else I had seen on TV. At that stage my TV viewing history was a mixture of Skippy, The Love Boat, Little House on the Prairie, The Sullivans, Tom and Jerry, Happy Days, CHiPs and Eight is Enough. After looking at that list, and being a 6 year old, the character Mork was definitely going to spin my head.

His death brought an interesting level of sadness, because he was a mainstay in popular culture, stemming from the collective viewing of Mork and Mindy and then his success in movies. And when you wanted more of him he would pop up on your favorite talks shows, from Carson to Letterman to Leno. His personality made you think he was your friend, that he would always be there on the big screen or the little one, ready to make you laugh.

In my first six months as a fledgeling radio reporter who had to get interviews and somehow make them funny I ran into Robin Williams in New York. It was at the premiere of his movie INSOMNIA, also starring Al Pacino and Hillary Swank.

It was May 2002 and Robin had performed the previous night at a concert for the Tribeca Film Festival. I went to the concert and he had done a funny bit on “nipples” in New York City when the weather improved.

Have a listen to my first radio moment with Robin Williams…

A year later Robin won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album and I was at the press conference. This is short but again “nipples” gets a mention.

In April 2005 Robin Williams helped his daughter Zelda promote the movie the House of D. I worked hard to get under the hood of Robin in this red carpet interview. There are moments where I think I’m getting a serious Robin Williams and then hilarious madness kicks in. It was great to have had some warm moments with the very big Robin Williams.